Homes are often designed with the ideas of purpose and style. Stepping into a new home often inspires feelings of excitement and joy for homeowners, but in time the excitement we feel turns into passive acceptance and our homes get taken for granted. The same holds true for our patios and Alfrescos, which is why we would like to help you breathe new life to your patios and make them a happier place to hang out again. Here are some tips:


Nothing breathes new life into an alfresco area like a renovation project. Other than a total remodel of your patio space, you can opt for more dynamic furniture that promotes a more “fun” ambience. Ditch sharp angled furniture for curvier ones – case in point; a round table provides a more dynamic approach to entertaining guests than a rectangular or square table that has a more defined seating capacity.


One of the more fun aspects of remodelling is the idea of adding aspects to your alfresco design from currently existing items that may have already lost their fun factor. Repurposing say, an old shelf into a plant box allows you to breathe new life not only into your old items, but into your entire alfresco area as well.


ADD COLOR A common design practice for an alfresco areas in Queensland is the use of mostly neutral colours. This is because patios and alfresco areas are often associated with nature and the outdoors. But adding colours through your fabrics and furniture can do a lot to make your patio a fun place to hang out again.



You don’t have to be a mural painter or an installation art sculptor to get creative and personal in your home. There are a lot of crafty decor projects in the shops or online that anyone can work on, and will serve as a great conversation piece in your home. No matter how your project turns out, there will always be something to talk about from your time working on it.


A fascinatingly popular lighting trend common among alfrescos are lights on a string. Stringing up lights not only makes for a great way to lend a fun and festive atmosphere to your patio. Candle lights makes an amazing atmosphere and keeps the bugs away at the same time.


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We will have a display with our great range of products that can transform your outdoor area into your own sanctuary.

Our team are there to answer any of your questions. If you have any plans or photos of your outdoor area this will assist us helping you so bring them along.

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Keep your pets safe and happy.


Keeping our furry friends safe is one of the benefits of enclosing your outdoor area using our Phifer Tuffscreen Pet Mesh. Not only do you know that your cat, dog or birds can enjoy the outdoors with you but they will also be protected from snakes, cane toads, mosquitoes and all the other creatures we don’t want hanging around.

If you would still like for your pet to be able to get outside, we also install Australia’s leading brand of pet door “Petway Pet Doors” which come in 3 sizes. We believe that your pet deserves the best so the pet doors are custom built with their own frame anywhere within the screen walls.


Are you struggling with midges?


Midge mesh is designed to restrict smaller insects such as sand flies or midge-type insects from penetrating the larger holes that are in standard fly mesh or pet proof mesh.

Although there are no known diseases that are associated with these insects their bites can be extremely unpleasant and very much unwanted. Biting midges love the blood of human beings. There is no known effective treatment process to prevent these insects from breeding and they will travel up to 3km from the breeding site in search of a blood meal.

Normal standard fly mesh is not small enough to prevent the penetration and will only offer very low restriction to them. Purpose-built midge mesh is a much better option for fly screens, insect screens and barrier doors.

Biting midges love humidity and moisture. If they sense a meal from a human they will become active if these conditions are present. They prefer dull days with high humidity and tend to sit on fly screens and vegetation and any shady area whilst waiting for their meal.

As Australians we love the outdoors; we love areas where we can sit and relax and be in the fresh air. Back verandahs, screen enclosures, balconies and barbecue areas are places that we love to gather and enjoy a late afternoon drink or family get-together and the only solution to protection is insect repellents either directly to the skin or spraying in the air.

You can keep these little tiny biting insects outside where they belong by choosing midge mesh. Get your outdoor area enclosed and choose the midge screen.

Midge mesh will restrict airflow slightly; however, this will be offset by the knowledge that you are in an environment where you will not be bothered by nasty and annoying biting sand flies.

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We will have a display with our great range of products that can transform your outdoor area into your own sanctuary.

Our team are there to answer any of your questions. If you have any plans or photos of your outdoor area this will assist us helping you so bring them along.

Ask us about the show specials and range of latest accessories.

Suncoast Outdoor Living specialists in

  • Pool Enclosures
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Insulated Patios
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Pool Safe Screen

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Zika Virus

Brazil is one of the 58 countries and territories which to-date report continuing transmission of Zika virus by mosquitoes. While mosquitoes are the primary vectors, a person infected with Zika virus can also transmit the virus to another person through unprotected sex. Zika virus disease usually causes mild symptoms, and most people will not develop any symptoms. However, there is scientific consensus that Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly (children being born with unusually small heads) and other brain malformations and disorders in babies born to women who were infected with Zika virus during pregnancy, and Guillain-Barré syndrome (a rare but serious neurological disorder that could lead to paralysis and death).

829687-49747ae4-e789-11e3-ba62-a129b4e220c3When travelling overseas you are encouraged to:

  • whenever possible, during the day, protect yourself from mosquito bites by using insect repellents and by wearing clothing – preferably light-coloured – that covers as much of the body as possible;
  • choose air-conditioned accommodation (windows and doors are usually kept closed to prevent the cool air from escaping, and mosquitoes cannot enter the rooms); chose a patio that is enclosed with flyscreen;
  • avoid visiting impoverished and over-crowded areas in cities and towns with no piped water and poor sanitation (ideal breeding grounds of mosquitoes) where the risk of being bitten is higher.

Why Hiring a Professional Patio Installer is Better Than DIY


While many homeowners think they can save money through a DIY patio installation, being able to turn patio ideas into a finished product takes skill and experience. DIY projects start out with your best intentions, but with demands of everyday life finding the time can be extremely difficult.

By investing in a professional you can buy yourself less stress and a peace of mind that your patio will be built on time and budget and would ensure you that the patio is completed promptly and to your specifications, meaning you can start using your patio rather than spending weekends building it.

Using a professional can also extend your warranty up to 15 years. Also council approval can be stress free.





Australians Warned of Zika Virus in Bali

DFAT is warning travellers of ‘sporadic transmission’ of the Zika virus in Indonesia.

The warning includes the island of Bali which attracts a staggering 16,000 Australian visitors per week.

The Zika virus has been linked to serious birth defects including microcephaly.

They advise all travellers to Indonesia “protect themselves from mosquito bites”.

49 countries are now listed as having “current or recent transmission”, including Fiji, Vietnam, Brazil and Samoa.



Insulated Roofing

Suncoast Outdoor Living is working with Ausdeck to give you the patio roof you need and that would include Insulated roofing.

There are two types of Insulated roofing. Ribbed and Corrugated

The Ribbed and Corrugated is an insulated roofing system providing a pre-painted steel underside complete with tounge and groove roll foamed edge bonded to an insulating polystyrene core and a profiled roofing sheet on the top side, this is recommended for Patios, Pergolas and carports. The roof is a durable three-tiered roofing material which bonds a high tensile roof sheet and a smooth uderskin/celing.

An insulated roof is really built for entertaining. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and is the ultimate indoor area outdoors. You can enjoy your outdoor area all year round.



Swimming Pools and Safety

_MG_0121Swimming pools should be fun. However, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children under the age of five years old. Supervising young children, teaching them to swim and having effective pool fencing or a pool enclosure can save lives. This is why pool safety laws were introduced.

Pool Safety is an initiative of the Royal Life Saving Society – Australia; Australia’s largest provider of water safety education. Programs are delivered in schools, pools and community centres daily. They are designed to build awareness of dangers in aquatic environments and to arm the community with lifesaving skills used in both prevention and rescue. Royal Life Saving is supported by the Australian Government.

All residential pools in Queensland must be registered with the QBCC. Failure to do so could result in a fine.