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Fun at the Track with Ausdeck

Russel Ingle: My name is Russel Ingle, I’m a V8 supercar champion and an Ausdeck ambassador and I’m about to show you how you could get the ride of your life.

900 horsepower, weights 650kg and accelerates faster than a formula 1 car…Welcome to the world of sprint cars.

Person 1: Unbelievably awesome – that’s a real rush!

Person 2:  The acceleration and sliding is just intense.

Person 3:  I’ve been in quite a few race cars but that is just, incredible…So fast sideways.

Person 4:  You’re thinking “how the hell is he going to do this” and he just swings it around and yeah…incredible.

Person 5:  That was everything that I thought it would be and yeah, just awesome…very good.

Person 6: I’ve never done anything like that and it was the best feeling ever.

Person 7: These things are just so much quicker.

Russel Ingle: If you want to experience a passenger ride in one of the fastest racing cars, then get your individual or corporate day booking.