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Backyard Transformation


Suncoast Outdoor Living: So Elizabeth, what are you trying to achieve here?

Elizabeth: We want to have, basically a maintenance free area where we can come out and use the pool without having to spend, 2-3 hours cleaning it. And then the leaves off, the cover off and then clean the pool and clean the sides. We want bugs out of the way, we want leaves out of the way and we want to enjoy the area.

Suncoast Outdoor Living: How long would you spend on average coming out and cleaning up your pool currently?

Elizabath: Well, my husband and I do it together so he will probably spend an hour and a half just cleaning up all of the outside of the pool area. I'll then start by cleaning the leaves off. He'll probably take 2 hours by the time he's finished and I'll probably spend the same again. By that time, we're too hot, we're too bothered and we want to get our free time back. 

Suncoast Outdoor Living: Do you have a big issue with bugs around here too?

Elizabeth: We do, we absolutely love the environment that we are in, but the down side is that we get mosquitos, we get flies and my son is allergic to some of those insects so we want something that is screened off so that he can use the area because he doesn't use it at all at the moment.

Suncoast Outdoor Living: And it will also offer him a bit of UV protection from the sun through the screen.

Elizabeth: Which is definitely needed here in Queensland.

Suncoast Outdoor Living: Obviously one of the other benefits is that you won't have to be filling your pool up too often and it will reduce your amount of times that you'll be having to fill that pool up with water.

Elizabeth: The water evaporation is huge and having something that means we can save money by keeping the pool at a constant level, keeping the chemicals at a constant level, we're going to be saving money all round.

Suncoast Outdoor Living: Fantastic, well we look forward to coming out and starting the project.

Elizabeth: You can't imagine it unless you'd seen it before the difference that it's made and it's made us want to make the best of the other areas as well. So we've put in the tables, the chairs and we've made an area that is a whole way of life for us now, this is where we spend all of our time. Our lifestyle has completely changed, before we were inside all of the time and now we're outside enjoying the space completely. It's amazing, the transformation here has been completely different, we love it. 

Before the children would be inside all of the time, they'd be in their rooms on their computers or inside studying. Now the come and they sit outside, they're getting the fresh air, the sunlight but they are still able to do their studies as well. When Suncoast came out originally, they said it would be 2-3 weeks and they kept exactly to their word. It was exactly 3 weeks and Tony then came out to inspect the job. He wasn't happy with the polycarbonate which we hadn't noticed so they came out and replaced that as well so it's been beyond all of our expectations. 

So when the Suncoast boys came out, they were at all times professional, they were really polite, they were good to have a laugh with, they cleaned up after themselves and they made sure that we came first all the time. 

We ae no longer cleaning, we actually only clean the pool once every 3 weeks, which I know is really bad but it has just given us about 3-4 hours a week back. Since having it done we have had more social events and more people over than ever before. The children love to have their friends round and we now feel it is a place that our friends can come and we can entertain.

Tony  Mora - Suncoast Outdoor Living: Our clients already knew what a Florida room was which made our process a lot easier, they originally had an existing patio that was already here. So we looked at different options of:

 1. Reusing the existing patio or
 2. Manufacturing and designing a completely new structure that incorporated their outdoor area as well, which is what the end result was.

The enclosure itself is up to our standards and we are very fussy. Our guys, we are very fortunate to have such fantastic tradesman that work for us. It's not about rushing jobs like this, it's about those last minute details and making sure that everything is touched up and that everything is working as it should be. That way the client has a very big happy smile on their face which in this case we're happy to say that they have.

Elizabeth: Everybody who comes in is abolsutely amazed by it and it will be our biggest selling point.