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Suncoast Patios View Gallery

A Suncoast Patio is a great investment for your outdoor living needs.

Using locally owned and manufactured products when we can is important to us and our clients. Backing this up with great service, great quality and exceptional engineering and warranties it was an easy decision for Suncoast to use and recommend Ausdeck as a supplier of a great quality roofing system.

Ausdeck Patios & Roofing is the only Australian owned and operated patio manufacturer producing single skin and insulated roofing systems 100% in-house for Residential and Commercial applications to withstand the tough Australian conditions. 

Insulated or Single Skin Patio Roof?

This has been a long debate in the past with Insulated roofing traditionally being a lot more expensive than its poorer cousin the single skin roof. With alot more manufacturers of the insulated roofing panel and a more competitive market we believe the decision for outdoor living areas is a lot easier now to decide just on  the benefits of insulated roof compared to a single skin roof alone.

corrugated insulation panel

ribbed insulation panel

Insulated Patio Roof Benefits

  • Superior Insulation. Sit outside comfortably on the hottest day. 
  • Minimises noise. No more closing the doors to block out the storm noise. 
  • No condensation dripping on your outdoor furniture.
  • Sleek, contemporary ceiling finish making your new outdoor entertaining area look less like a "add on".
  • Concealed ducting for the electrical cabling for ceiling fans and the new Ausdeck dimmable LED down lights.
  • Water- tight joining system.
  • Fewer posts and beams with greater spans allowing for a more open space.
  • Extensive range of decorator colours making it easier to match the existing house roof colour.
  • Low maintenance with an easy cleaning surface.
  • Able to use a larger range of products including glass when enclosing.

Single Skin Roof

Single Skin patio roof

An Ausdeck V-Line single skin roof is also a great cost effective addition to the house whether it be for a patio or carport. 

Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate patio roof

The Australian sun can be very harsh and hard to control making the  traditional English glass conservatory unusable in this environment. Multicell polycarbonate helps us control the amount of heat that  transfers to the underside of your patio. Our experienced design consultants will help you access your proposed area to see if  this product is practical.

Patio Designs

Flat Patio Roof

Patio Design Flat Roof

Usually attached to the house fascia or wall this is the most common and cost effective design.

Gable Patio Roof

Gable Roof Pergola Design

A traditional gable roof is a grand statement on any house with a higher roof line and fantastic open feel.

Flyover Roof

patio design with flyover roof

Becoming very popular the flyover roof design enables you to have more height with that open feeling.

Call today to speak with one of our Design Consultants or fill out the contact form to the right for more information and a member from our team will contact you shortly.