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Outdoor Rooms

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Sunrooms, Patios & Pool Enclosures

A Suncoast Outdoor Living outdoor room opens up your home and lifestyle by providing a beautiful outdoor room you will want to spend time in. Imagine a barbecue with no flies or an evening outside with no mosquitoes and a pool that's always clean and free of leaves.

An outdoor room is basically a room that feels like the outdoors, but keeps the nasty outdoor elements outside via a special screen or glass. Sometimes called screened rooms, indoor outdoor rooms, sunrooms or patio enclosures, an outdoor room will not only increase the value of your home but will also expand the way in which you live in and use your home. Enjoy outdoor living all year round with a modern enclosure or screen room to keep you warm in the winter and provide much needed shade during the hot summer months, plus many more benefits

Our Outdoor Room Designs

Please click the links below to find out more information, get ideas and see a selection of our outdoor room designs. We are open to talk about custom designs as well as liaising with your architect or home designer to create a complimentary outdoor area to suit your home.


Need ideas for your outdoor room? View our pergola designs, pool enclosure designs and sunroom ideas in our gallery or contact us today to discuss your project.