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3000 Patio Blinds

A perfect solution for protecting the balcony, verandah or any outdoor area from the sun, glare and rain. 

These patio blinds are an excellent addition to any patio design and can also be used to screen outdoor living areas providing you with privacy. A smooth manual operation will raise and lower the awning with ease. 


The 3000 Patio Blind is covered by a 5 year parts and materials warranty. Please refer to the general warranty document for full details.

Any combination you want...

Colour Choice

Choose from our range of 19 different colours, all handpicked to complement your existing decor. From glare reducing dark greys to clean and safe creams, and many other natural colours in between.

Fabric Types

You can select from our range of different weaves and fabrics.  1% OPENNESS for tight breeze control and privacy or 5% OPENNESS for a potent combination of shading, privacy and views.

patio blind designs and colours