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Cat & Pet Enclosures

Rooftop Cat Enclosure

At Suncoast Outdoor Living we know you care about your pets and want them to be able to stay safe outdoors. That’s why we also specialise in high quality, durable pet enclosures for backyards, balconies and even rooftops.

A Suncoast pet enclosure will allow your cat or dog to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of the risks associated with roaming free.

Why Get A Pet Enclosure?

  • When outside cats and dogs can be at risk of contracting a range of infections, such as the highly contagious FIV, also known as Feline AIDS, for which there is no vaccine or cure.
  • House cats on average travel nearly 20 acres when let outside to roam. An awful lot can happen to them in that space.
  • An enclosure protects cats, dogs and other members of the household from dangerous snakes and animal attacks.
  • Sharing territory with other animals can be stressful on both cats and dogs, leading to fights and injuries.
  • Cats and dogs can be destructive to native bird and animal life. A cat enclosure in particular will prevent cats from being able to go 'hunting' at night, making sure your cat stays within your own backyard.
  • An enclosure will prevent pets from escaping; not only dogs and cats, but also birds and other pets.
  • It keeps bugs, mosquitos and even dirt and leaves from getting into your home or patio. Pets are also susceptible to infections carried by mosquitos so it's important to protect them from these pests.

About Our Enclosures

Our pet enclosures give your best friend the freedom to fully enjoy the outdoors (including lazing about in the sun), whilst protecting them at the same time.

Made with pet safe screens and aluminium frames, our enclosures are durable and cannot be destroyed by your pet’s natural habit of scratching, climbing or digging. That’s why all our structural metal works feature a comprehensive 7 year warranty, with complete support for all manufacturer’s warranties.

Every enclosure is unique and built for each individual property. Sizes and build times vary with dog and cat enclosures from 6 by 4 metres that take a day to construct, to larger and more complicated structures for large properties or hard to get to apartment balconies.

We can also include a pet door so your pet can access the enclosure while you’re asleep or out of the house.

Suncoast Outdoor Living have been constructing and installing enclosures Australia wide since 1993. For more information about what an outdoor enclosure can do for your pets, call us on 1300 137 081 or fill out the contact form to the right.