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Swimming Pool Enclosures  View Gallery

Do you get tired of constantly cleaning a pool you only get to use when the weather is just right? By installing a Suncoast Pool Enclosure you can eliminate the debris in your pool and enjoy taking a dip all year round.

Swimming Pool Enclosures, commonly referred to as Florida Rooms, Lanai, or Noseeum Rooms, are durable, attractive additions to your home that can be built to your specifications (including retractable screens!). Pool enclosures turn any outdoor pool into an indoor pool, protecting you from wind, rain, insects and debris while leaving you with the view and sunshine you’ve always enjoyed.

Suncoast Outdoor Living will design and construct a pool enclosure using a variety of products to suit your home, requirements and environment.

Why Get a Pool Enclosure?

Pool enclosures by Suncoast have a number of practical benefits, including:

  • Creating a safe pool area built to current Australian standards.
  • Insect & pest protection from Fly's, Mozzies, Midges, Ducks, Snakes, Toads, & other unwanted animals
  • Outdoor Pool Enclosure by Suncoast EnclosuresUV protection
  • Wind Protection
  • Elimination of leaf & airborne debris
  • Privacy 
  • A decrease in water evaporation
  • Lower chemical & pool maintenance costs
  • Additional entertaining area
  • Swim all year round
  • Minimal maintenance
  • More pool enclosure advantages

All while providing an aesthetically pleasing and valuable addition to your home. Just take a look at our pool enclosure gallery for some of the great looking enclosures we've built.

Our unique Aluminium Frame can be enclosed with a combination of screen, glass, polycarbonate or insulated products sheltering you from the elements and pests. We can customise our pool enclosure designs to make your pool area as open or as enclosed as you like, with fixed and retractable screens to suit all environments - rain, hail, or shine.

Suncoast Outdoor Living have been installing pool enclosures Australia wide since 1993, and are widely referred by our happy customers. You can see what our customers have to say about their pool enclosures on our reviews page.

For more information about what a pool enclosure can do for your outdoor area, either call the number above or fill out the contact form to the right and a member of our team will contact you shortly.