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Suncoast Pool Safe Screen View Gallery

Suncoast Outdoor Livings' Pool Safe Screen Room Enclosures are made using an innovative product.  With a combination of our Pool Safe Tuff Screen and our unique spline system we are able to exceed the current Australian Standards AS1926  for pool fencing that not only excludes insects and leaves from your outdoor area, but also provides a safe pool fence alternative.

Despite the Pool Safe Tuff Screen being regularly mistaken for glass, the innovative product allows for plenty of breeze to enter the pool enclosure, without the constant cleaning of glass panels.

We believe that our screening system is actually safer than a conventional pool fence as children cannot climb it. 

Our Tuff Screen is a vinyl coated polyester manufactured by Phifer Screens USA, the world's leading screen provider and is also available in a midgey proof screen.

At the completion of your enclosure you will be given a Form 15 to say that the screening installed complies with Australian Standards AS 1926. 1-2007. 

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