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Suncoast Enclosures QLD

Suncoast Enclosures brings your outdoor entertainment and living areas together by designing & creating a range of outdoor rooms and patio & pool enclosures that will not only add value to your home, but also provide a weatherproof, clean, bug, pest and debris free outdoor area perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Everybody that builds a new home wants any outdoor area. 50 years ago, you just built the house, it was a house and a yard…that’s it.

Now they have the house and these lovely big decks, these lovely undercover outdoor areas which are brilliant…if there’s no storms, if there isn’t any bugs etc. These are the issues that we find our clients really struggle with despite the fact the area looks really beautiful and they want to spend time in it but factors like weather & bugs prohibit them from doing so.

They’ve spent some money and created a lovely outdoor area, but they can’t use it and the reason they can’t use it is because of those problems such as insects & inclement weather. They’ve got a lovely environment, it’s nice and shady thanks to trees but there is lots of mozzies and on summer nights when we have our storm seasons and the beautiful trees drop their leaves all over the patio.

The brief for this job was…make the area usable.

We sat down with the client and we found out what they wanted to achieve.  What they wanted to achieve was to use their deck more, which included an outdoor area that they could BBQ and entertain without the nuances that go along with being outdoors. We want them to be out there having dinner every night, not just once in a blue moon.

So they are out there, they’re using the deck and it’s awesome. They’re in nature and once the screen is done they forget about it totally, it’s like it never happened.  

One of the things that makes Suncoast Enclosure system unique is the spline and extrusion we use, which is unlike anything else in Australia. We use an oval shaped splint and an oval groove and it allows us to get incredible tension on the screen. This is screen tension that exists when the screen is first installed and remains for many years to come.

Queensland has such an awesome climate and the reason people live here is for the climate. Outdoor living is really important to people and that is evident in the style of houses we are building these days…every house we build has a large outdoor area.

We’ve been in the business 17 years and our statistics have told us that 8/10 people that invest in a screen room and get used to living with the concept, will have another one. 

We create better outdoor living, that’s our slogan and that is what people want us to do.