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Why choose Suncoast Outdoor Living

Jenny: We decided to have our house enclosed because we come from the country and when you live in the country and you’re harvesting, the flies nearly kill you. So every house we’ve had since then has been enclosed and it’s wonderful.

Phillip: We designed the house ourselves originally and we wanted living area outside because of the climate and our dislike of flies and mosquitos.

Jenny: …and frogs and snakes!

Phillip: And that’s why we decided to go with screening but we had all intentions of screening the house from day 1. It was just a matter of picking the right person for the job.

Jenny: I did all my research for everything we purchased, from recommendations there really was no choice for us but to go with Suncoast Outdoor Living. It just gives you so much extra living area and they did such a fantastic job. It’s such a beautiful product, so clean and that is important because the rest of the house is a beautiful clean looking home and the screening fitted what we wanted.

Phillip: It was a very difficult job because of all the angles. The workmanship was superb with all the angles they had to deal with and I never saw a tradesman cut twice on any cut he made. They’re very precise and they did not waste one piece of material. Very good workers, quick and we are thoroughly happy with the finished product.

The last day when they finished the actual patio, we both sat out there in awe. We just love it, we felt so at ease with it all.

We would recommend Suncoast Outdoor Living because the actual experience from day one to the finish was a pleasure, we never had any problems and we were very impressed with the workmanship and the company’s team.

Jenny: Every person who ever comes here asks “Who did this work?” and we just tell them it was Suncoast Outdoor Living.

Phillip: So we would thoroughly recommend them.

Jenny: Absolutely.